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eventum theme

Welcome to Eventum Theme for WordPress 4.3, an Conference news theme. Eventum is a Multipage theme you can use it for any conference site. (MailChimp intigated) so you can crete a community and send newsletter to the user. In a eventum site news are a vital factor.

Eventum theme is for all those people who are going to create a website for his next Conference. If you have interest in Eventum and willing to create a community, you may as well build an attractive online.

Getting Started

Wordpress Installation

This Theme has been developed only for Wordpress 4.0 or higher version. So, you need to install WP before you can use this theme. Please see the CMS installation process. Here you can find the documentation : Wordpress Codex - Installing Wordpress

Wordpress Theme Installation

WordPress theme is simply a group of files, called template, bundled together that, when activated in CMS, determine the look and basic function of your site. By using professional themeum theme, you can have your site up and running with a new design - pretty fast. Theme installation is very easy process. Especially when you've chosen the theme you want to use, you'll need to install it into your WordPress website. You'll have the following two choices, as you did when adding new plugins:

  • You can add the theme directly from within the WP Admin, using "Upload Theme" option. From Admin Panel go the following path Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme and select the zip theme, then click Install Now.
  • If your server is not set up properly or you have any problems, you'll have to extract and then upload the theme by hand. Using your favorite FTP client tool upload theme folder into the folder path /wp-content/themes/ on your server and active it from admin panel.

Note: On your WordPress site, the wp-content/themes folder holds all your themes. Each theme you install gets its own subfolder. All of a theme's style sheets and template files reside inside the theme's folder.

Eventum Theme Typical Installation Process

Follow These Steps in Order to Install a New WP Theme

Fig: Install Eventum theme Step by Step

Step 1: In Dashboard click on Dasboard => Appearance Menu

Step 2: Then click on Dasboard => Appearance => Theme Menu

Step 3: Then click on Install Themes tab.

Step 4: Then click on Upload Theme link.

Step 5: Then click on Choose file and select file from your computer directory.

Step 6: Now click on Install Now button and wait for the installation complete. After successful installation of theme click on active theme click and enjoy theme theme feature. After activating, this theme will be used for whole site instead of Twenty Fifteen, the default WordPress theme.

Eventum Essential Plugins and Installation

For using all Features you have to install and active all required plugins. All Essential plugins are included in the Eventum theme.

  • WPBakery Visual Composer
  • Group Meta Box
  • MailChimp for WordPress Lite
  • Themeum Eventum
  • Contact Form 7
  • Widget Settings Importer/Exporter

Install above essential plugins by easy 2 step.

Fig: Essential plugins installation

Step 1: In Dashboard, click on Dasboard => Appearance Menu => Install Plugins Menu

Step 2: Then click on Install link under plugin title and enjoy the plugins.

Demo Import

Import Sample Data: Import Sample Data: If you want to use demo data for your website then you need to install sample data. From menu choose Tools -> Import -> Wordpress. Click Wordpress then you will see the "Import Wordpress" option which allows you to upload .xml file from /Demo Content folder. If this tool not be installed you have to install "Wordpress Importer" plugin manually.

Its an important part of eventum theme Installation process. Select your menu for Primary Menu Location. Go to Dashboard-> Appearance-> Menu  then click on Manage Location and select Main menu for Primary Menu Locations. You can follow below screenshot.

Set Static Home Page(Required)

WordPress shows blog posts by default as the front page. If you want to look like demo eventum then you need to set Home Page. See the way how to set Static Hope Page Dashboard->Settings->reading. From here select static page then for Front page select Home. You can follow below screenshot.

Make sure to configure permalink. By default WordPress uses web URLs which have question marks and lots of numbers in them; however, WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives. This can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links. From WP admin panel go to the following path Settings-> Permalik then select (Post name).

Widgets Setting Import

Import Widget Setting Data: If you want to use Demo site widget setting for your website. we recommends to install and activate the following plugin "Widget Settings Import Export". Which gives you the ability to import the demo widget settings, saved as a .json file type. The import will not overwrite any data currently within the sidebars, but instead will increment the widgets and add a new instance of the widget instead. Please choose Tools->Widgets Setting Import then select widget_data.json file from Demo Widget Settings folder directly from QuickStart package folder. Then Click on Show Widget Settings Button. Selected all or those widgets which you really need and use "Import Widget Settings" button. All widgets with registered sidebars will be imported.

Theme Options

eventum theme comes with lots of Options in Advanced Admin Options Panel. You can follow below options to customize your site with out coding. Important note, After changing options click on "Save Changes"


Some essential options for customizing header

  • Sticky Header: You can make your menu sticky, Just click on "ON" button from this options
  • Header Top Margin: add margin at top of header part.
  • Header Bottom Margin: add margin at bottom of header part.
  • Header Height: Add Header Height.

Logo & Favicon Options

This is the important options for theme, you can upload your custom logo and favicon from here. You can also use text as logo too.

  • Favicon: Upload your favicon here.
  • Logo: Upload your custom Logo here.
  • Footer Logo: Upload your custom Footer Logo here.
  • Text Type Logo: In this options click on "ON" button to add text logo.
  • 404 Page Background: Upload your 404 Page Background here.
  • Coming Soon Page Background: Upload your Coming Soon Page Background here.

Layout & Styling

This options manage color variation of your theme. You choose site link color, link hover color,backgroung color or images and many more. You can also use color with opacity ( rgba color pattern )

  • Select Layout: Select Layout fullwidth or box layout.
  • Body Background: You can change your site background color or you can upload background image and position the image from here
  • Preset Layout: Change your site default color from here. Its make change all major portion of your site.
  • Link Color: Change your site default color from here. Its make change all major portion of your site including links
  • Hover Color: Change site link hover color
  • Header Background Color: change your menu/header background color here.


This is most important features for theme. You can change your site font-family, font size, weight, color and alignment too. 600+ Google fonts added in this font selection options.

  • Body Font: Change body font, it will change the paragraph font-family and others
  • Menu Font: Change menu typography from here
  • Headings Font: change heading( H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 ) font-family and others from here.

Coming Soon

This is most important features for theme. You can change your site Coming Soon Page Content.

  • Enable Coming Soon: You Can enable Coming Soon Page
  • Title: Title of Coming Soon
  • Description: Description of Coming soon page.


You can manage and customize you site blog using above options

  • Blog Single Page Social Share: Enable or disable Blog Single Page Social Share
  • Post Comment: Enable or disable post comment from here
  • Blog Author: Hide blog author info from here
  • Blog Date: Hide blog date info from here
  • Blog Category: Enable or disable blog category
  • Blog Tag: Hide blog tag info from here
  • Post Edit: Enable front-end post edit from here for admin and others register user
  • Single Post Comment: Enable or disable single page comment from here
  • Post Navigation: Hide pagination if you want from singe page view
  • Blog Readmore: To add custom read more text, click here to eanble text form
  • Continue Reading: add custom read more text here

Social Media

You can manage social Media here.


Manage site footer part using this options

  • Copyright: Enable or disable Copyright Text from here
  • Copyright Text: add your site Copyright Text here


Manage site Import/Export redux part using this options. You can download the redux theme setting data using this option.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is very unique plugin, it will help you managing your content at the WordPress sites and create stunning layouts in few minutes without coding. Nowadays many websites have complex grid layouts with columns, tabs, sliders and etc. In the past, to create that type of layouts you should be HTML guru or Shortcodes operator ninja.

Here is the documentation with video tutorial Visual Composer Doc

Shortcode List

We have 12 + shortcode. All shortocdes are imtegrated with Visual Composer